Invest in your corporate reputation

Every business must manage its reputation. A business with a great reputation can fail, but it is far more difficult for a business with a poor reputation to succeed and managers must therefore be concerned with the content and timing of their communications activities to all of their stakeholders.

Well thought-out communications will give stakeholders an understanding about the:
- strength of management,
- the quality of the business,
- the social responsibility and
- financial performance of the company.

Other communicated factors including:
- brand,
- good will and
- other non-financial aspects of the business will uphold the business and maintain its' corporate reputation .

Vestor is a media and investor relations consultancy, advising and implementing communication programmes to impact the public perception of our clients' stakeholders, including investors, research analysts and the media. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Vestor is affiliated to public relations firms across the globe.