"I love the passion with which Louise represents her clients; the 'boots-and-all' commitment to their businesses; the no-nonsense and yet energetic clarification of the latest announcement; and her thoughtful and personable approach to connecting clients with investors and the media. From my perspective as journalist, I can recommend Louise unreservedly to her corporate clients."
Erika van der Merwe, Ex CEO of SAVCA

"I met and got to know Louise over the past 5 years. In an almost 20-year career in financial journalism, Louise has stood out because she understands both her client and the journalist's role. She was always candid, easy to get hold of and efficient. While she never did leak any information, she never came across like she was spinning me a line.
I am sure she will be very valuable to any company clever enough to hire her."

Renée Bonorchis has worked for Business Report, Business Day, Kaya FM and Bloomberg News
"Vestor's team are dedicated and passionate communicators who works effortlessly across both IR and PR. They have always been very proactive and creative on behalf of their clients as well as being great fun to work with".
Lisa Attenborough,
Director of Communications at Premier Foods
Consultant at Target Ovarian Cancer

"Vestor has an uncanny knack of understanding the client and communicating an impactful message."
Kevin Wakeford, Wakeford Enterprises.