What we do

Vestor has the skill, dedication and experience to help companies build and maintain their corporate reputation through effective communication with target audiences.

We do this by:
- Effectively communicating to the right people,
- Conducting polls and research surveys on how stakeholders perceive you or your organisation,
- Designing communication strategies that establish understanding, trust and transparency,
- Co-ordinating key messages for company spokespersons to educate defined audiences and influence their perceptions and
- Communicating these messages proactively via the most effective channels on a continuous basis.

Our offering:

Investor Relations

Vestor has established key relationships with South African analysts and shareholders. The consultancy seeks to inform existing shareholders on the investment case of the company and works to identify new potential investors and analysts. Our intention is to grow a broad based shareholder register for clients and to create a share price reflective of the true value of the company.

Financial PR

Continued communication around the financial calendar is vital for stakeholders to remain invested and up to date on the company’s plans and strategies. We constantly review opportunities to keep stakeholders up to date. Vestor can assist and prepare presentations for organisations and individuals, ensuring key messages are conveyed and understood by your defined audiences.

The consultancy can assist in Investor and media presentation skills with:
- Investor and media presentation skills,
- Drafting SENS and media releases,
- IPO communications,
- Press conference and road show management and
- Events management.

Reputation and stakeholder Management

Various stakeholders are involved in determining a company’s reputation and often require direct communications. We assist in identifying those stakeholders and determine how best to communicate to and through them.

Crisis Management

Crises may be planned for or may occur without warning. We advise companies of how best to react to either situation, in order to protect their corporate reputation and maintain their standing within their stakeholder community.